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12/04/2024 - 20:30
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Av de l'Europe 19 6000 charleroi - 6000 Charleroi
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FACTHEORY is a band from the Brussels scene whose style is firmly in the post-punk movement, with a poetic side that stands out. FACTHEORY are referring to the legendary FACTORY label that saw the birth of Joy Division, a major influence for all members of the band, even though the musical style evolved into an almost romantic melodic postpunk with influences as diverse as Sophia or New Model Army. JOY/DISASTER, currently consisting of Nico (lead vocals/ lead guitars), Simon (rhythm guitars), Soupa (bass) and Sébastian (drums) was formed in France in 2005. Even from their early beginnings, the band has captivated the press & media’s attention with their mix of indie rock and post-punk revival sound. Their songs became hits of the underground scene, played worldwide by alternative DJs. Over time, J/D has constantly improved their sound, passing from strong post-punk roots to a mix of melodics and powerful atmospheres.