THE LOST LETTERS, Mozart on Broadway

14/12/2019 - 19:30
Espace Ararat
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A musical in two acts, written and composed for grand piano, soloists, narrator and choir
Based on the veritable correspondence of the Mozart family, John Meldrum has imagined other letters that Wolfgang could have written to the diva Anna Storace in which he shares the stories of his prodigious beginnings. Freely expressing the raw feelings of a young man seeking his way in the world, the letters lead to songs that illuminate the life of the genius and his many emotions – zany, obscene, sometimes absurd, always fantastic. From birth and childhood on to the family’s grand tour of Europe, we witness the child prodigy as he matures into a man, experiencing lust and love, the tragic death of his mother, and his marriage to Constanze Weber in 1782. The Lost Letters is an original Pop-Opera built upon a Classical foundation in the Mozartian tradition. Meldrum's music plays with West End codes yet surprises with hints of Ravel and Bernstein, Steve Reich and Coldplay that transport the modern day spectator into the heart and mind of Mozart.
Singer-Songwriter, composer, guitarist, choir leader and music teacher, John Meldrum is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but has called Paris, France home for almost 30 years. He has produced four albums of original songs, and has composed music for soloists, choir and music ensembles including Peace Oratorio, the life of Martin Luther King in song.
The Highlites choir is now in its 20th year and has performed not only on some prestigious stages including the Olympia and the Alhambra, but also in schools, prisons and the streets of Paris! The Highlites choir represents a unique blend of nationalities and voices, able to interpret styles ranging from reggae and rock to African music, and now Pop-Opera, with these Lost Letters.



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